ARTIST: 120 Juliet - Anatomical Line & Wash Illustrator
120 Juliet

An interest in the human body originally steered me into a Physiology Degree and its aesthetics guided me to Art College.

My specialities range from detailed highly realistic watercolours to a much looser drawing style where I use a simple but expressive and fluent line to give scientific subject matter (including the figure) a much warmer aesthetic feel, making it appeal to a more general public. I have applied my style to popular science/health/medical reference books for both young and adult readers. It has also been used in a wider range of illustration contexts such as hospital patient information leaflets, medical conference brochures, book cover illustrations and editorials.

Bringing together qualified medical experience with highly skilled illustration techniques has allowed me to pursue a medical illustration profession: for me a means of applying my own personal visual language to a specialist background knowledge in science.

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