ARTIST: 013 Brian - Comic Book & Children's Illustrator
I am a London based well-established freelance illustrator, specializing in comic books, graphic novels, storyboards, advertising and character design.

This unusual versatility is due to the fact that, when I left art school, my first freelance job was to draw licensed characters, adapted from film or TV franchises, for comic books.

Those came with "style guides", Bible-sized books of notes on how the studios wanted their characters drawn so I was able to soak up the results of dozens of professional artists work, artists with decades of problem-solving experience between them. Eventually I found I was able to look at a style of art, understand the thinking behind it and apply that process to another project.

I also write and have been published with Titan Books Torchwood: Rift War, Marvel Shadowriders, Atomica Battle at the Edge of Time and 2000AD, Urban Strike, Vector 13, Future Shocks, among others.

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