ARTIST: 288 Javier - Line & Colour Illustrator
288 Javier

I am an illustrator and painter based in Barcelona. My story starts in Latin America and then onto the United States where I grew up and studied. And later to continue with my restlessness, I moved to Europe. I guess that makes me a sort of cultural hybrid case!

I have been working with assignments from different clients, mostly newspapers for about twenty-seven years as a freelance illustrator. I have had the opportunity to work illustrating all sorts of subject matter: op-ed stuff, literature, economy, religion, science, fashion...

Although I was first hesitant to use a computer to illustrate - because of my training in fine arts with traditional materials - I got my first one in 1998.

I now enjoy developing my illustration projects with programs that guarantee a quick turnover, as well as a superb digital visual quality.

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