ARTIST: 320 Mark - Space, Dinosaur & Natural History Illustrator
320 Mark

Mark originally trained as a professional astronomer. But he put down his telescope in 1996, after a decade of studies and research, and has been working as a freelance illustrator and writer ever since - with no regrets. He is entirely self taught. Originally he worked primarily in acrylic and oil pastels. But in1998 he discovered Photoshop and a whole host of 3D programs, and so now the overwhelming majority of his illustration is digital - 2D and 3D. Stemming from Mark's interests in space, a large body of his work is devoted to this subject. He uses his scientific knowledge to make his images as scientifically accurate as he is able.

However, Mark also has a passion for prehistoric life, science fiction, horror and the surreal. He is equally at home illustrating Earth sciences. And most recently, he has also turned his attention on astronomical animations.

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