ARTIST: 379 Ian - Paper Cut Out Illustrator
379 Ian

In 2008 Ian took a small paper cut to a local gallery where it sold in no time. Now represented by a prominent London Gallery and KJA artists, his paper cuts are in collections all over the world and he has had solo shows in London and New York.

The art of making paper cuts goes back to 6th Century China and Ian uses a technique which would be recognized by those early artists. After making a detailed drawing the whole image is cut by hand from a single sheet of paper using a very sharp surgical blade (he gets through 100ís). The paper is then flipped over leaving a perfect pristine image. Recently Ian has been incorporating lettering into his work, these very delicate images are created on white paper then sprayed with an acrylic paint.

Ianís paper cuts have been used on greetings cards, book covers and ad campaigns but could be used in any kind of illustration project.

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