ARTIST: 381- Mike - Contemporary Diverse Illustrator
381- Mike

Mike has drawn and Painted all his life. Post College, he found himself Freelancing in the Animation Industry, where he started at the bottom, becoming a Background and Layout Artist, Renderer and Designer on many T.V. commercials, T.V. Series', Titles, even Pop Videos.
Latterly, he illustrated full-time for a Branding and Packaging Agency in W1 for Several years. Now Freelance, and with an armoury of techniques to produce warm, shiny imagery in a wide variety of styles, he is looking forward to some interesting challenges.
Mike usually starts off with pencils and paper before scanning and working up in Photoshop, sometimes to a Photorealistic Finish, or using Photography and working over the image until it "Pops", Watercolours, loose or tight, pen and Ink, Woodcut and he also works in Painter and Illustrator.
In his spare time he records Jazzy Cinematic music as Pablo Pax, and is endlessly herding Cats.

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