ARTIST: 423.1 Guillem - Watercolour & digital Illustrator
423.1 Guillem

Guillem is a freelance illustrator currently based in Spain.

His main passion has always been drawing, painting and imagining, so becoming a professional artist was the only natural step he could take. He studied Graphic Art at Joso art school, Barcelona.

With over 13 years experience as an illustrator he has worked in animation, storybook/children’s illustration, comics, advertising, books, storyboards, concept art and graphic design.
In recent years, his work has expanded also into workshop teaching, art direction, mural painting and gallery work.

His watercolor and mixed media illustration style combines traditional techniques (mostly watercolors, but also acrylic and pastel) with digital editing, digital painting and occasional hints of vector drawing.

Guillem’s versatility allows him to easily adapt his style to different client’s needs and makes his work suitable for almost any kind of illustration assignment.

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