ARTIST: 417 George - animation & realistic 3D Illustrator
417 George

George is part of a collective group of animators & 3D illustrators who invite you to a world of amazing images and endless storytelling, with
your ideas in the driverís seat. Their goal is to create high-end visuals
that make a difference in your campaigns. Their challenge is to push
technical and artistic boundaries so that CGI, the cornerstone of our
studio, enriched with the use of Matte Painting, Illustration, Creative
Retouch, Photography and Live Action Footage, produce one-of-a-kind visuals.

Their works clearly demonstrate dedication to perfection, expertise in
computer generated images, full understanding of the different parameters
involved in projects and attention down to the last detail. International
awards and distinctions just make us try harder to conquer a more advanced
level of visual art.

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