ARTIST: 281 Neferum - Children's Illustrator
281 Neferum

From her earliest days in the crib, Izzi longed for nothing more than to look at pictures and then attempt to draw them. As a child she absorbed every picture book she could get her hands on. She read them all, drew them all, and smelled all the pages.

Soon enough she discovered the amazing world of animation. She even tried to animate her very own scenes only to discover that tracing 24 frames per second was easier seen than done. Eventually her ambitions evolved into film and illustration. And many broken pencils and torn up pictures later, she went on to illustrate over 50 picture books. Her most recent highlight was illustrating an Amazon Best Seller in its category, and received an endorsement from New York Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield.

Izzi's ultimate dream is to write and illustrate her own picture book series, and to some day work on an animated film

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