ARTIST: 418 Dan - Vector Contemporary Illustrator
418 Dan

If you ask Dan's two year old son, he'll tell you "Daddy does drawing and colouring in" which pretty much sums it up - both in his role as a creative artist and, more commercially, a professional illustrator and designer.
Rarely seen without a pen, pencil or strong coffee in hand, Dan has been working as a professional designer and illustrator for more than 16 years. His work has been seen by millions, featured in national magazines and newspapers, on websites, album covers, posters, book illustrations, prime time television and covering the side of landmark London buildings.
Working in a variety of styles from traditional mediums, digital and combinations of both he has created illustrations, infographics, characters, cartoons and artwork that has been used by some of the biggest corporations in the UK to commissions for start ups and individuals, Dan has proven himself to be truly versatile.

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