ARTIST: 415 Miguel - Vector Comic and Character Illustrator
415 Miguel

I'm a very experienced artist, and during my professional life I've worked on a wide range of graphic stuff: comics, illustration, character design, greeting cards, graphics for games, book covers, book layouting, vignettes, logo and corporate image design, character design and a long etcetera. I learn from every new job, and I really enjoy everyone of them. Vectors jobs are also one of my specialties.
I work for big companies (Disney, Mattel, Fox or Dreamworks) as well as for private customers that need professional graphics for their business, or publishing projects. And I dedicate the same effort and care to all of them of course.
Bringing my customer's ideas to life is one of the things that I most enjoy in this job. I'm very professional and proactive: every project is a new opportunity to grow professionally and personally too

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