ARTIST: 419 Ludmila - Contemporary Fashion, Editorial & Childrens Illustrator
419 Ludmila

Ludmila works as a freelance illustrator and fashion designer in the UK.
Studied Graphic Design at Faculty of Arts, Kosice, Slovakia, and since
then she´s been working as both a fashion designer & an illustrator, merging both of her passions together.
Her fashion design is thus strongly influenced by colours, patterns and storytelling, mixed media and handwork, while her illustrations are
influenced by fashion drawing, stylisation, feminine touch and attention
to detail.

Her works include illustrations for Cosmopolitan, Bauer Media, Motto
and Albatros Publishers, book covers, lifestyle magazines illustrations,
children stories, theatre costume designs, textile designs and many

Always interested in the old ways, traditions and old folks lore, mythology and all those storytelling gems.

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