ARTIST: 438 Jordan - Concept & Fantasy Illustrator
Having studied VFX and animation I made my career start in commercials, taking on work with storyboards, concept design, matte painting and animation. More recently I made a move to freelance work, which allowed me the freedom to play to my strengths and develop my skills as an illustrator.

Whilst I still regularly take on work as a storyboard artist and animator, concept design and illustration has become of increasing interest to me as these practices often allow me to more regularly use my well developed skills as a character artist, and work in a storytelling capacity. I love to get involved in animation and film making projects in my free time, and explore as many avenues of the
creative process as possible.

My greatest aspiration with art is to never stop exploring and always
be creating, and work with great creative minds along the way.
I wish only to be able to look back at the journey and say that it was worth it!

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