ARTIST: 439 Joel - Graphic Illustrator
Joel is an emerging artist, having only quit his previous career as an Advertising Creative in 2014 - where he worked for many top ten agencies around the world. It was with the knowledge of having a truly unique style that Joel took the leap in to life as an artist and illustrator. No one else is working with 'hand cut vinyl' as a medium - a skill learnt by Joel while working for a company back in 1990 - enabling a marriage of contemporary materials, with traditional hand cut skills and finish. It also completes a full-circle from working at the sign company, as now I am back to cutting and sticking vinyl on things!
Joel's work is created by manipulating found or self-taken photos of which become cutting templates. He then hand cuts the hundreds of coloured vinyl pieces to stick down, that eventually create the final image. His work presents bright, bold, modern-day Pop Art-works that take heavy influence from artists such as David Hockney and Jeff Koons.

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