ARTIST: 458 Doron - Figurative Illustrator
458 Doron

Whether on book covers, storyboards, or on line, Doronís work presents bold realism, eye catching colour, and a quickly identifiable message.
For over 30 years, his illustration work has been a vehicle for those three objectives.
He specialises in depicting people, skillfully conveying facial expression at any level of broadness or subtlety.
All of his work is done digitally, but it is all given the clean and warm hand-done look of his original medium, acrylic paint.
Doron was classically trained in drawing and painting, and was one of the early artists to begin doing work with the computer in 1996.
Perhaps most importantly, Doron is a team player, a focused listener, and a skillful communicator.
With these attributes, every illustration job goes smoothly, and the client is left with an experience of having been well served.

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