ARTIST: 482 Alun - Storyboard & Animatic Illustrator
482 Alun

Hello! I've been an illustrator for nearly 25 years now. I started out doing book covers for Harper Collins, the old fashioned way, pencil, paints and paper. A strange but fortunate turn led me into the world of storyboards about 16 years ago and this is where I have made my living ever since. Originally, I worked in advertising ,working inhouse at CNN. Then fate took me from there into Childrens animation. This is where I am most happy. I've been lucky enough to work on quite a few well known kids shows, "waybuloo", 'the floogals", "Zack and quack" and "chugginton" to name a few. I love the freedom I am given to interpret a script how I see fit, although satisfying the Director or client brief is always my first concern. I now work digitally as it enables me to work at light speed... not to mention my studio is now a lot tidier!

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