ARTIST: 499 Mark - 3D Realistic Illustrator
499 Mark

I am a contemporary digital artist using a fusion of traditional & digital skills such as hand painting, photography, and vector work with 3D modelling, sculpting, and rendering.
Happy working on all sizes of project, I am as comfortable delivering as a sole contributor for a specific piece of work to delivering as part of a team in a large enterprise environment.
From the smallest details of creating photorealistic models out to the broad strokes of creating abstract pieces of art I can deliver, subtlety retouching, composing, and blending everything together as required for the result.
In addition to being a digital artist if your project has technical challenges I can also help. I can act for you as a technical artist specialising in (but not limited to) unreal engine, coding for pipelines and material design with substance designer and other solutions.
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