ARTIST: 490 Ike - Character and Contemporary Illustrator
I am an illustrator, writer, and sequential artist with an MFA in studio arts.
As an illustrator, my work is digitally painted, with loose linework intertwined within each image.

Iíve illustrated different kinds of narratives with a focus on the sequential element. Each illustration carries with them a whimsical sense of narration and color vibrancy. The narratives I am drawn to vary from personal experiences to the very news of the world around me.

I have worked with a multitude of clients within multiple avenues. I have done work ranging from sequential, editorial, and pinup to concept and visual development. I use real-life references and concepts to create unique characters and a world to help drive the narrative to its destination.

I'm very easy to work with and I enjoy working with all sorts of clients. I look forward to discussing your projects and see what I can do to make your concept a reality.

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