ARTIST: 503 Melissa - Contemporary Illustrator
503 Melissa

Melissa is an Illustrator and writer from Seattle. She began her career as an assistant art director for Hidden City Games. Her art premiered in 56 countries with the release of Clout: Fantasy. Shortly thereafter, she transitioned to graphic novels and worked on several titles, anthologies, and short stories released in both the United States and the UK for various indie publishers, including Orang-Utan Comic’s “Faster Than Light” series, Women Write About Comics, the Offbeat, and most recently, "Goldslingers" issue #2 for Entertainment Buffet. Her first solo-project, the graphic novel, “Witchfire” was published by Markosia in 2015. She is currently working on the ongoing fantasy series, “Wildskies,” as well as “Shadow of the Dragon Star” in partnership with Markosia’s EOC, Ian Sharman.
She loves projects involving history, mythology, fantasy, and steampunk themes.

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